Karolina Wrzecionkowska

Karolina graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland majoring in Law, specializing in Environmental Law.  After coming to Canada eight years ago, she completed her degree working between Canada and Poland.  This led her to employment at the Toronto office of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their Legal Department.  Karolina has also worked with non-profit organizations to help them understand regulations, policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Her research studies in Environmental Law were based on EU regulations and policies with the understanding of each jurisdiction’s legal specificity, restrictions and limitations. This is the area she wishes to focus on through the Master in Environmental Studies program at York University.  Her six term commitment, working closely with Professor Dayna Scott, an Associate professor at York and Osgoode Hall Law School will allow her to research policies and regulations in Canada as companies shift from ‘Liability’ to CSR.

“My research revolves around incentive-based policies and legislation with focus on business sustainability and CSR. We no longer have the time to contemplate the advantages of sustainable development. At this point in time, the main goal is to encourage sustainable and responsible business practice in pursuit of clean capitalism”.

Karolina also part-owns a gelato shop downtown Toronto.

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